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A few years ago, a friend of mine got me to drink a cool little craft beer that I had never heard of, but once I tasted this amazing beer, I became hooked on trying to get my hands on these small-batch beverage miracles. The problem was that this was still a time when the craft beer movement was still growing, which meant I was left asking myself, “Where I can find breweries near me that make, maybe even serve, unique beer?” I really didn’t know where to start, and there weren’t too many reliable resources out there. What’s a newly-minted beer aficionado to do?

Well, it turns out that I really had to rethink what exactly I thought a brewery was and what it offered. A basic internet search gave me a ton of information to look through, and this contact with technology proved to be the key to getting started on my brewery journey. Most of us, me included, tend to have a basic idea of what a brewery looks like. It’s a lot of stainless steel, hairnets, production lines, and you come away with a sense that a product is being made rather than something you drink.

Nowadays, breweries that centered around craft beer do things a little differently. They aim to have the general public close at hand, and they strive to have the community gather for well-made, award-winning beer. Many breweries even have restaurants attached to them that serve some of the best food around, which is perfect for a date night, family outing, or an evening with friends.

This means I don’t have to work so hard to find a brewery near me. Here are a few tips if you’re looking for that perfect brewery:

Breweries with Menus – You may be surprised to know that you can get some good eats at breweries. You may be looking for beer, but if there is a food menu, you should see that as a good sign. Some breweries can even be found as part of dine-in movie theaters that combine restaurants, craft beer, your local watering hole, and first-run movies.

A Family Affair – As you scope out possible breweries worth visiting, see what they may offer for every age. If there’s stuff to do for younger family members, it makes it easier to have family fun.

It Never Hurts to Ask A Question – Even though internet searches can take care of most of your needs, it’s always a good idea to ask someone for some advice. You might have a hip co-worker that has loads of information. Your neighbor might be “the guy” when it comes to finding neighborhood gems that are unknown.

So, what have I learned? Finding breweries near me starts with something as simple as an internet search. With a few well-placed keywords and some idea of what I’d like to find, I can actually narrow down the options available to me, or I may discover that I’ll have to drive a little further than I anticipated to find what I’m looking for. Either way, you’re looking at something a little new & a little funky that adds some spice to your life, and that’s always a winner.

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