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Arctic Adventure Snowmobile Expedition Kiruna

Snowmobile safari /expedition at the river ice between Kiruna and Jukkasjärvi with Kiruna Guidetur. March 2019.    

Snowstorm hit Kiruna in two days and nights

It come a lot of snow and the wind blow up to storm. Snowstorm hit Kiruna in two days and nights but the local snowcleaning staff made it very good and nothing of the infrastructure was neither paralyzed nor delayed, everything works as normal here.    

Aurora Village in Kiruna, Lapland

Again 11/3-2019 An amazing dancing aurora from a clear sky this night when we were out on a snowmobile trip along the Torne river valley.    

Sledgedog taxi from Kiruna Airport

What a fantastic start for your winter vacation and the way to see the aurora night here in Kiruna. This sledgedog taxi is starting at the Kiruna airport and heading to the Jukkasjärvi Icehotel were the adventures just begin.    

Winter season in Kiruna

There have been some unusually hot days for the season in the normal cold winter town of Kiruna. However, there will still be many nice days of this year’s winter season, maybe even until the end of April.    

Frosty nights in Kiruna

We have now entered the winter season’s second phase as we have lighter days and longer days with the sun which has begun to give warmth, but we still have frosty nights a month yet.    

Aurora Village in Kiruna

There is still chance to experience the Northern Lights in Kiruna, and you can also stay overnight in a Igloo, or in such a cabin with fireplace in the middle where you can enjoy the heat and at the same time experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) through large pannoramaRead More …

Crosscountry skiing excursion

A wonderful spring day in the Kuttainen 220 kilometers northeast of Kiruna city. We are out on a ski trip along the border river between Sweden and Finland and photograph this view.    

Winter landscape in Nikkaluokta

A beautiful winter landscape in Nikkaluokta, 60 kilometers outside Kiruna, this season.    

Wilderness tours from Nikkaluokta

From Nikkaluokta, 60 kilometers outside Kiruna you can go out into the mountain world on skis, with snowmobiles, husky, or summer time hiking. Here there are several high mountains and stunningly beautiful valleys for the true wilderness tourist. Sweden’s highest mountain range with mountain peaks over 2096 meters above seaRead More …

The Reindeer People

What a wonderful portrayal of life from Sápmi. A big thank to you Erika Larsen for the documentary “The Reindeer People”.    

Nice crafts from Lapland

Here are some examples of fine craftsmanship typical of the Sami tradition and culture here in Kiruna.

Nice with a sauna after a chilly day

It comes more snow out there tonight! However, we have it warm and comfortable here in the sauna after an outstanding dinner with reindeer filet, potato gratin, black currant jelly and rose wine. We are some friends who sit in the sauna and enjoy memories from the past week. Cheers!Read More …

Sweden’s northernmost ski resort

Riksgränsen, The National Border in Swedish, is a ski-resort in Kiruna Municipality, Lappland, Sweden, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The skiing season is from February to June. From end of May the lifts operate under the midnight sun.    

Snowmobile Freestyle event from Kiruna

If I had a brand that I would need branding for I would do some awesome commercials for the branding! And If I would do any commercial film for the reason of branding, I would hire these guys. What an awesome show! Snowmobile Freestyle event from Kiruna, Sweden. Read moreRead More …

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