Tips for Planning Cheap Disney Vacations

You want to take your family on the vacation of the lifetime, but with the questionable economy, your significant other is not sure how you can afford it. From what they have heard, traveling to Disney is too expensive of a vacation. But, thanks to your research, you know that it is possible to travel to Disney if you follow a few tips.

Pick the Right Date

Traveling to Disney can be extremely pricey when you head to the park during the summer, spring break, or major holiday weekends (basically any time kids are not in school). During this peak season, kids and families flood the park making it more expensive for just about every aspect of Disney travel. If you have any flexibility in your schedule at all, plan your trip for an off-season time. Not only will you save on money, you will have smaller crowds to manage. Traveling the off-season allows your family to enjoy more Disney elements during your stay because your money will stretch farther.

Use Discounts

It may be simple to contact a Disney representative or travel agent, book your trip, and have no worries but it is not always the cheapest option. Many Internet sites, including airlines, offer large discounts when you book through them and often you can receive generous discounts simply by ordering or making reservations online instead of by phone. Also, many times, third party companies work in tandem with Disney to create affordable vacations. Do not be afraid of taking advantage of these great opportunities.

Bundle the Trip

When making your Disney plans, remember that one of the smartest, and most affordable, ways to travel is to use the bundle. Staying at an all-inclusive resort can cut your costs considerably. Bundling can combine three meals a day, park tickets, other activities, and sometimes even gratuity, so you know what you will be spending before you even leave. But using an all-inclusive resort does not limit you to Disney resorts only; there are many nearby resort accommodations that offer great cost-savings and you will not lose out on the Disney experience by staying off-park.

Other Cool Discounts

There are two discounts that require qualification, but are definitely worth checking out. If you are a Florida resident, you can save between 30 and 50% off regular prices. If you are a member of the Armed Forces, or if a member of your immediate family is a member of the Armed Forces, Disney wants to thank you for your continued service by offering you a discount. So on top of bundling and traveling during off-peak times, you could be looking at additional savings.

A Disney vacation can be one of the best trips you will ever spend your money one, but it does not have to be all of your money. By planning your trip carefully, taking advantage of online deals, and bundling your package you can plan a wonderful trip and still feel good about your budget.

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