Are You Fired Up About America? Nothing Communicates Like Honesty

One day I was tuning up and down the radio dial as I drove down the Interstate. Time after time, I landed on talk shows featuring callers that were simply dismayed at the direction America is going.

They were frustrated that so many important issues were either being glossed over or ignored by federal, state, and local government. It was clear that a great many people were highly concerned, yet felt helpless to do anything about it.

That’s when I decided to design some t-shirts with patriotic messages and try selling them at public events. Boy did it work! Typically we set up our tent and sell dozens of shirts to people who thank us right and left for putting their feelings into words on a t-shirt they can wear and be proud of.

And that brings us to an even more important point. Americans have a FIRST Amendment RIGHT to speak their minds. It’s not the Fifth Amendment or the Thirteenth Amendment — it’s the FIRST and perhaps most important.

But while speaking our minds is clearly at the foundation of what it means to be Americans, the vast majority of us feel we can’t make a difference. Therefore, we don’t even try.

Over and over I hear from people who are fired up about major issues, yet keep their thoughts to themselves. Often they mistakenly feel they’re the only one who feels that way.

After wearing one of my shirts they quickly see the purpose of our tees to stem the tide of division and empower those who are willing to STAND.

Instead of everyone going their own private way, concentrating on being politically correct, you have people enthusiastically sharing ideas, passions, and concerns. And you know what, folks? That’s where real solutions come from.

We shouldn’t plug away at our lives while we trust all the important issues to the government. There are a lot of good people in government, but they don’t have all the good ideas. And government, by its nature, can’t solve problems well WITHOUT the help of its citizenry.

So speak up! Write a letter to the editor, call a radio talk show, put up a website, and tell others what you think. And most important call your elected officials to let them know you’re alive and well. You will feel better. You will have more impact. And you will be living the life of a truly patriotic American.

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Author: coordinator

Independent Travel Broker: Roger K. Olsson phone: +46 (0) 705474835 email: website: social media profile:

Author : coordinator

Independent Travel Broker: Roger K. Olsson phone: +46 (0) 705474835 email: website: social media profile:

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