Real Website Traffic – Start Now!

Real Website Traffic – Start Now!

Now we have launched a system that selects websites that are not based in multilayer advertising, but in high quality conversion. In this system, your particular ad campaign becomes the online offer that stands out on the page where the ad appears on the internet. Through this system, you as an advertiser get the most out of your advertising campaign.

This system was developed based on the problem with Youtube advertising, where internet users are invited to upload videos. Unfortunately, it has become utterly pointless for Youtube users to upload these videos because Youtube then fills these video clips with multi-layers of ads to maximize the segment of the internet that is working on sharing video clips. Youtube advertising, regardless of format PPC, CPM, or PPV traffic sources is therefore not for advertisers who want to get real visitors and customers to their particular website, which you usually want after you pay for the advertising.

We have also chosen to block Facebook advertising from the service precisely because the exposure of ads that companies and individuals pay for doe’s not meet the quality requirements with reference to the mass exposure that rarely constitutes the click of a physical visitor but visitor bot software. We have tried to talk to the CEO of Facebook about the problem with Facebook advertising, and the cost picture that it ultimately deals with for the advertiser, but has been rejected. We interpret this to mean that Facebook only ensures that its advertising revenue is maximized in the short term.

We address the problem for businesses advertising on the Internet by providing value for every dollar spent on advertising on the Internet instead to fundamental native advertising were one click is one target visitor who might be intereted in buying your product.

Website Traffic – Start Now!

Inforaid CEO
Roger K. Olsson

Author : coordinator

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