Car Seat Travel Bag and Carrier for Gate Check with Travel Pouch – Bright Orange with Blue Letters for Airport, Airplane Gate Check, Car Trips and Storage Double Backpack Straps | Carseat Bag for STO

Your search for the perfect Car Seat Travel Bag is finally over! With Alnoor USA Car Seat Travel Bag enjoy your hassle-free journey!


Many airlines, allow car seats to be “gate-checked,” which is the process by which you drop off your stroller bag at the boarding gate or jet bridge. When the plane lands, your car seat travel bag will be returned in a similar place. Gate checking prevents your valuable car seat going throughout the entire airport and avoids the chances of getting damaged.

  • HIGH QUALITY PROTECTION FOR YOUR CAR SEAT – Avoid the germs, grease, grime and weather in loading bays and airport tarmac. If ever needed, this car seat travel bag is easy to wash and mildew resistant
  • BRIGHT ORANGE AND EASY TO SPOT – this car seat gate check bag universally fits most size car seats. This bag measures are 36x long X 18″ high X 18″ deep. It helps to protect contents from dirt and damage. It is essential for travel. . Folds up into a handy travel pouch. Easy to slip into you handbag or hand baggage when not in use. Experience will tell you weight is everything when traveling – Avoid bulky or padded wheelie car seat travel bags.
  • CLEAN WELL FITTED CAR SEAT = HAPPY CHILDREN! – This carseat bag will also protect your investment in that very expensive car seat which may otherwise be prone to dirt and damage when flying
  • NEW DESIGNED DOUBLE HANDLE AND SHOULDER STRAP – This bag now offers a double handle for extra sturdiness and a shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • The bag is intended to be used for Gate Check at the airport and not checked luggage.

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