Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Set – Foldable Travel Chess Set Game – Handmade – Chess Board for Adults – Checkers Game for Kids – Staunton Style Pieces – Chess Set for Kids and Adults

Unique Magnetic Wooden Chess and Checkers Set for Adults and Children, Beginners and Pros

A high quality, hand-crafted wooden chess set that’s magnetic and travel-ready is a rare find. This chess board offers all of that and more—ensuring durability and endless hours of delightful play with friends and family.

The beautiful packaging makes this wooden chess set a gorgeous gift for the beginner or aficionado. And, the 28-page instruction booklet provides all the strategy info they’ll ever need for both chess and checkers. Finished with a secure lock and velvet details for safe storage, this travel chess set is truly ahead of the game.

Chess Game Set Includes:

  • Foldable magnetic wooden chess board
  • 32 magnetic chess pieces in white and brown walnut
  • 24 magnetic checkers pieces in white and brown walnut
  • 2 extra queen pieces for pawn promotion
  • Large velvet drawstring bag for storage and travel
  • Interior-board velvet storage slots for pieces
  • 28 page instruction booklet
  • Sophisticated design motif that carries through on packaging box, velvet bag, and instruction booklet

Why this Magnetic Chess Set is Superior

Kartmel chess board instruction bookletKartmel velvet interiorKartmel
Magnetic wooden chessboardWe’ve combined high-quality wood with practical magnetic properties to keep your game playing secure and sophisticated—even when you’re on the road.Premium design features, including a mix of engraved pine and other woods, give this chess & checkers set its heirloom quality.Instruction booklet secret weaponMany chess board sets on the market today direct you to online instructions.Not this chess game—it comes with a 28-page full-color manual featuring chess and checkers rules, descriptions of chess pieces, and crucial strategy information.Plus, it keeps your kids off of their devices when researching how to beat you!Velvet protection and superior lockA beautiful velvet drawstring bag houses your magnetic chess set, and the interior-board storage provides soft velvet slots for all of the checkers and chess pieces.A durable magnetic lock secures the folded chess board when not in use.No more losing chess pieces or scratching up your chess table!Meaningful family timeThis high-quality chess and checkers set will last through the years and provide endless valuable moments with family.The perfect way to teach children strategic thinking and to bond during vacation travel, this exquisite wooden chess set truly raises the family game (time).

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