Smart RV Travel Guide For The Lower 48 States: List of RV, State, and National Parks, with Amenities, Contact Information, Suggested Routes, and What to See and Do in Each State

Smart RV Travel Guide For The Lower 48 States

List of RV, State, and National Parks, with Amenities, Contact Information, Suggested Routes, and What to See and Do in Each State

Revised & Updated Second Edition

This second, revised edition of the Smart RV Travel Guide For the Continental 48 States is a three-year compilation of all the RV, State, and National parks in each and every state in the continental US.

I outlined all the amenities they offer, the actual cost to stay there, and so much more! We gathered this data from our last three trips across all 48 states.

I also included what to see, where to visit, and what notable attractions are famous in each of the states.

This revised SECOND EDITION includes up-to-date contact information for the notable places to see, parks to stay at, and things to do. It is WAY more detailed than my first book attempt.

For each state, I created a suggested and detailed travel plan that covers everything worth seeing along with where to stay while visiting that state. There are 48 chapters, each representing one individual state. For each state, I have outlined a suggested route to take to see the main attractions in each of the states.

Next, I name several RV parks that I personally suggest, the amenities they offer, and what the costs are. Finally, I discuss all the state parks in each state and include the physical address and contact information for each state park.

By profession, I was in instructional design, where I designed various commercial and industrial training modules and helped create mini-guides – which are far from writing an RV travel guide. I am not personally qualified to write such a guide, but after our 3rd cross-country trip, my wife made a convincing argument that people like us could truly benefit from such a travel guide.

We didn’t have a book like this when we first started traveling around this great country.

It took me a little over nine months to gather all of the information and start writing. The result is a no-fluff guide with no storytelling as I am not good at writing fiction, so I didn’t even try. I stayed with just the facts and information that I know is helpful to everyone that is looking to take a trip around our good ole’ USA.

My wife and I were lucky enough to be able to retire at age 52. We both share one passion, and that is traveling the beautiful wide-open roads to see this great vast country of ours.

We were able to buy a gently used Class A Fleetwood Southwind for a very reasonable price. It is spacious, maybe a little too spacious for just two of us, but we love every bit of it. It drives beautifully, and the interior comfort is almost like a 5-star hotel. We both love living in it.

We spend roughly five months out of the year on the road; we take a 3-month long trip around the lower half of the country during the spring, then another 2-month long trip during late summer to early fall around the Northern part of the country. We have been to each of the lower 48 states a dozen or so times and tried out various parks and amenities in every state. We have decided to share all our knowledge here with you.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road!

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