Your Fixed Rate Credit Card Could Cost You More

Fixed rate credit card appear like an attractive option, especially if the credit card with fixed rate of interest is set low. There are many credit card issuers who offer fixed rate credit cards, and combined with a really low introductory rate followed by a low fixed rate, it looks like the best thing to go in for. It could be, as long as the credit card with fixed rates stays that way. But that is not what happens.

Banks and credit card issuers hold the right to alter this fixed rate of interest – all they have to do is provide the fixed rate credit card holder a written notice before a specific period. Make sure that you read this clause in the card agreement that you sign with the issuer. Also don’t ignore the flyers that look like promotional material that you receive with your fixed rate credit card statement – they might be a means to let you know that your credit card with fixed rates are being increased.

If the market lending rates fluctuate, your fixed rate credit card issuer may just inform you that your fixed rate credit card is being converted into a variable rate card.
Benefits of a fixed rate credit card

What can you expect when you choose a fixed rate credit card? Your monthly repayments can be lowered, giving you better scope to reduce your debts. There are fixed rate credit cards that promise you zero annual percentage rates that appear very attractive. But no rate is fixed forever; so don’t be surprised when you realize that your annual percentage rate is higher than when you began using the card!

Fixed rate credit cards are mainly beneficial because they seem stable. You feel secure when you know that your credit card with fixed rate will stay that way for a particular time. It helps you plan your personal finances according to your budget.

Used with discretion, fixed rate credit cards are convenient when your aim is to maintain good credit rating and clear off your monthly dues in full. You even get perks like cash back offers, travel discounts etc. In fact when you hold a fixed rate credit card, if you have a watchful eye on your spending habits, you ought not to worry at all about whether the fixed rate credit card interest rates will go up or not.

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