You’ve Been Pre-approved

You have seen it before. Perhaps you are one of the millions of people who see these words everyday. They come directly to you courtesy of the postal service via your mailbox. These words likely appear in your email several times daily as well. You have been pre-approved for this credit card or that credit card. The mailings are quite luring as well. They offer great percentage rates, excellent balance transfer deals, or even exciting rewards.

However, have you really been pre-approved? Should you take them up on their offer? How could they possibly even know you to pre-approve you? Well, for starters, they get your mailing address in several different ways. Think of all the forms you have filled out either recently or even months ago. These forms are tricky because they can play multiple roles. First, they gather your information for whatever you are signing up for. Then somewhere in that form, there will be something pertaining to receiving mailings and information regarding specials, deals, and sales. AHA, that is where they get you.

Before you know it, these pre-approved credit card offers started filing your mailbox regularly. If you apply for a credit card and you are approved, be watchful, because the offers will start pouring in. If you apply and are denied, they will still come in, all wanting to help you improve your credit. Which type of pre-approved credit cards you are offering will depend on several things.

First, it will depend on where the information came from. If it comes from another form of credit you have applied for, then the type you are offered will be based on this information and your overall credit outlook. Next, it will also depend on your current income bracket. Consider the forms you fill out, many of them will ask how much you make each year or an estimated figure. When you fall into specific brackets, these credit card offers will be designed specifically for your annual earnings.

Your overall credit outlook has a lot to do with your offers. If you are one that is suffering from bad credit, you may receive numerous offers of secured credit cards. Secured credit cards are those that require a deposit. This deposit determines your specific credit line within that credit card. You could never spend more than that, in order to continue to use the secured credit card, you would need to replenish the card. Overtime, if you keep upon payments, you may find that they increase your credit line beyond that of your deposit.

The problem with pre-approved secured credit cards is that you will find that they carry interest rates that are much higher than unsecured and come with little if any benefits at all, such as rewards.

For those in a higher income bracket with great credit, unsecured pre-approved credit card offers will arrive. These are the ideal type of credit cards for most people. These come with various interest rates, depending on the credit card type, company, and your credit, but are typically much lower than secured offers. Furthermore, unsecured credit card holders benefit from rewards, overdraft protection, and other various benefits.

Whether or not you choose to accept a pre-approved credit card offer is up to you, your finances, and your ability to manage. It is always a good idea that you research the company offering you the pre-approved credit card. You want to be sure that you are dealing with a valid, reputable company, and that your personal information is safe and secure. The last thing you want to do is accept an offer from a fraudulent company and putting yourself, your finances, and your credit history at risk.

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