Guide to Bodybuilder Bulking Diet: It is typical for bodybuilders to go through a bulking phase in their diet

It is typical for bodybuilders to go through a bulking phase in their diet. This is most often done in the winter months when we are more likely to be covered up with extra clothing. We tend to then approach summer with a ‘cut’ in mind.It is usual to define the bulking phase of a bodybuilder’s diet by what it is not; however it is simply ‘a systematic attempt to gain muscle’. If you want to add ‘and strength’ to that sentence then that’s fine, just remember you can get stronger without adding muscle, but you can’t add muscle without getting even the smallest bit stronger.Bulking and cutting are the productive phases of bodybuilding; bulking is the addition and cutting the subtraction. When cutting you are removing body fat while trying not to lose muscle – conversely in bulking you are trying to add muscle without adding too much fat.You will hear these terms over and over again, they are purportedly ways of not adding fat while maximising muscle mass, or even the holy grail of losing body fat and adding muscle at the same time. They are certainly very attractive, but they are not the most effective!Simply put, you cannot serve two masters; focus on two things at the same time and you limit the possibility of gaining success at either. Not to say there is nothing good in the systems that fall under those headings; a concentration on healthy foods and an avoiding excess fat gain are at the foundation of any good and proper bulking program.However, the difference is that a properly constructed bulking program recognises that we are human beings not machines, there are limits to both physiology and sanity, we have taste buds, and that even Jay Cutler takes a break sometimes.

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