Herbalife Multilvel Marketing (MLM) Concept (Duplication System)

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It is very simple. Herbalife sells weight loss items. They could have simply sold their products through the shops and other retail channels like Kmart, Walmart and Target.

They chose Network Marketing or MLM which is actually the same thing.

This involves paying the customers to advise the products to their friends and social network.

This permits people to buy and enjoy products they love and recoup the cost of their own use and may even pick up an extra side income,.

Where it gets amazing is when you have people who want more than free product and a few $100 extra a week.

Well the MLM business model permits for payments beyond that in the form of awards, bonuses , residual payments on volume and lots of other special incentives.

Why do so many people fail?

For the same reason they fail with most other things, the biggest majority of the population will not take the necessary action and follow through with the work required to get an outcome.

Most people are so used to getting paid an hourly rate or a monthly salary that building a business where it takes time to view an outcome is fully foreign to them.

Why is it called a scam

Because nobody loves to fail in life – it is much simpler to blame someone else.

Rather than tell their friends that they were too lazy and not committed they will just say “Oh it was a scam”

Scam is a best word to hide your failings in life.

Multilevel marketing, sometimes known as network marketing, is a compensation wherein contractors earn income from their own sales of products as well as commissions from sales made by those they have recruited. Sales are never forced, as a legitimate firm does not force downline sales.

Anyway, it is not necessary for contractors recruit other individuals in order to earn cash. It is a choice made by the contractor if they to increase their earnings by making a commission from the sales of their recruits. About 71 to 72 percent of Herbalife members are single level distributors, meaning they do not sponsor other Herbalife distributors. This means that these Herbalife members purchase products from the firm at a discount and have the full freedom to determine pricing as well as in all decision involving their end customers.

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Roger K. Olsson ID: 10Y2209253

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