Success Habits of Super Achievers

Success Habits of Super Achievers is FULL of Proven Success Strategies from over 80 Iconic Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Coaches, Authors, Investors, Musicians, and More

Featuring – Speaker and #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Darren Hardy, Iconic Speaker and Author Denis Waitley, Iconic Motivational Speaker and Author Les Brown, Kingpin of Pop Talent Linda Septien, Lead Guitarist of Def Leppard Phil Collen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Mark Victor Hansen, Speaker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author John Assaraf, Iconic Speaker and Trainer Brian Tracy, Producer, Speaker, and Coach Lisa Haisha, 15-Year MLB Player and Entrepreneur Todd Stottlemyre, #1 Real Estate Podcast, Real Estate Developer Robert Helms, 12-Year NBA Coach, Speaker, and Author Kevin Eastman, 8x Emmy-Winning Sportscaster Newy Scruggs, Speaker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Chris Widener, 2x US Memory Champion Ron White, Co-Founder of ACT! Software Mike Muhney, Breathing and Chronic Pain Specialist Dr. Amy Novotny, Marketer, Strategist, and Founder of Jim Rohn International Kyle Wilson, 3x Grammy Winner, Producer, and Songwriter Seth Mosley, Speaker, Author, and CEO of Ziglar Tom Ziglar, 31-Year Marine Colonel Tim Cole, and Many More!

Transformative Stories Containing Real-Life Lessons, Applicable Strategies, and the Key to Success—Building Great Habits—You Can Apply TODAY to Change Your Life

Compiled and Created by Kyle Wilson, Jim Rohn’s 18-year Biz Partner, Marketer, Strategist, and Founder of Jim Rohn International alongside Editor Takara Sights. Previous Amazon #1 Bestsellers Include: Don’t Quit, Desire, Discipline & Determination, Resilience, Purpose, Passion & Profit, The One Thing That Changed Everything, Life-Defining Moments From Bold Thought Leaders, Mom & Dadpreneurs, The Little Black Book of Fitness, and Passionistas.

Each author and everyone behind the scenes has put great effort into ensuring this book will make a positive ripple in the world. We are honored by each of you who take the time to read these stories and continue that ripple.

All of the authors: Kyle Wilson, Carlos Delherra, Linda Septien, Dr. Tom Burns, Greg Zlevor, Lynn Yangchana, Darren Hardy, Gary Pinkerton, Robert Crockett, Ryan Pettitt, Dr. Amy Novotny, Freddy Perez, Denis Waitley, Mike Buffington, Mauricio Rauld, Greg Self, Jim Gardner, Anna Kelley, Phil Collen, Dugan Kelley, Marco Santarelli, Neelu and Robert Gibson, Ben Suttles, Mike Muhney, Stephanie Wankel, Adam Buttorff, Tyler Gunter, Seth Mosley, Jerry Horst, Dr. John R. Obenchain, Jeff E. Thornton, Sophia Stavron, Les Brown, Ravin. S. Papiah, Brad Niebuhr, Dana Samuelson, Jo Hausman, Robert Helms, Dave Zook, Jennifer Moran, Billy Brown, Andre Paradis, Lisa Haisha, Jim Richardson, Troy Hoffman, Greg Junge, Todd Stottlemyre, Todd Sulzinger, Mahealani Trepinski, Pancham Gupta, Michael Blank, John Assaraf, Rich Danby, Jessica Waters, Louis Melo, Dr. Karl Jawhari, Josh and Emily Houser, Ron White, Michael Becker, Sheldon Horowitz, BJ Johnson, Kevin Eastman, Steve Lloyd, Rebekah Loveless, Dustin Miles, Tim Cole, Rick Gray, Adam Levy, Sherry Patterson, Howard White, Tom Ziglar, Clair Hoover, Dr. Nicholas J. Scalzo, April Crossley, Chris Widener, Zach Haptonstall, Takara Sights, Eli King, Mark Victor Hansen, Ben Nelson, Alfredo Bala, Kelli Calabrese, Andrew Lanoie, Newy Scruggs, Chris Mascarin, and Brian Tracy THANK YOU.

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