Visit Rome - a historical city

Visit Rome - a historical city
Rome lies on the western coast of Italy and is rich in history. A visit to Rome offers adventure, excitement and a history lesson. The link below will provide you will all the information you will need for a visit to Rome.

Do you bear a passion for history?  Are you interested in ancient 
architecture and temples?  Do age-long and legendary activities 
beckon you?  If so, then you must definitely explore the ancient 
lands of Rome, at least once in your lifetime.

With an area of about 150 square kilometers, and a population of 
3.8 million, Rome still stands tall in the vast field of world history.  
Whenever we come across Rome, Etruscan tombs, Republican 
meeting rooms, Imperial temples, ancient Christian churches, 
medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, and Baroque basilicas 
strike the core of our mind and we enter the superficial world of 
history and architecture.  Rome takes us through the pages of 

Rome is situated halfway down Italy's western coast, about 20 
kilometers inland.  Rome is a large city, though the historical area 
is quite small.  A majority of the Rome historical sights are 
restricted within a reasonable distance of the central railway 
station, Stazione Termini.  All the main Rome monuments are 
situated west of the train station in Rome.  However, it is always 
advisable to use the map of Rome, once you arrive in Rome. 


The central attractions of Rome are the Palatine Hill and the Forum.  
Via Del Corso is located north from the Forum to Piazza Del Popolo, 
accompanied by Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain on the east.  
The Vatican in Rome is situated northwest of the Forum, across the 
River Tiber in Rome.

Rome offers a great deal of pleasure with the likes of the 
arrogance of the Vatican, the immemorial haunting memories of the 
Coliseum or the sheer thrill of going back to centuries ago of 
timeless history.

Rome offers you a wide range of excitement, adventure, and 
enjoyment.  The thrill and sheer experience of Rome is very 
distinctive and unique.  Rome gives you the liberty to thrive on 
wine, architecture, history, and sunshine.

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