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The Millionaire Training

It’s February 21, 1981, a sunny morning in Los Angeles, California where the top distributors of the newly founded, Herbalife International, have gathered at the Bonaventure Hotel for the one and only event of its kind called The Millionaire Training. Once too shy to stand up in front of his classRead More

Herbalife Shake Recipes: 70+ Delicious Herbalife Shake Recipes, Energy Drinks, & More

Herbalife Shake Recipes: 70+ Delicious Herbalife Shake Recipes, Energy Drinks, & More… Whether you’re new to Herbalife or you’re a seasoned customer or distributor, some times you just want to add a little variety to your shake repertoire. So within the pages of this book we’ve included 60 Herbalife Shake Recipes,Read More